Mixed media abstractions of Being. “Unfolds” are works exploring the fabric of life (Swedish: livets väv). It touches on the inevitable difficulties of existence in conjunction with the grander perspectives of a universe in continuous expansion. 
Inspired by Leonard Cohen’s line “...there is a crack in everything, it’s where the light gets in” an exhibition took place at MLG Gallery (Stockholm, 2013)Holy texts from different cultures often speak about vulnerability, or a humble/broken heart as a basis for mankind to be in touch with The Godly/The Holy. C.G Jung described the proximation to our human core, the Self, as an experience of this sublime state. 
As we journey through time and space we weave an interconnected fabric of life as single threads becoming one. With “Unfolds” I am creating a physical and aesthetic sense of these universal and personal processes, inviting the viewer to participate in a contemplative meditation as an integral part of the artwork.
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