Jessica Eldenstjärna
Transpersonal Artist, Expressive Art Therapist, Shamanic Facilitator
Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Jessica weaves her craft of art, therapy and metaphysical work as one cohesive calling. In her work she explores and embodies the multidimensional experience and expressions of existence. Paintings, soundworks, performance work, sculptural work, short films and animated digital renderings become visual and/or audible archetypes of vibrations and frequencies, inviting the viewer to his or her own exploration of healing, inner potential and spiritual awareness. 
In a chromesthetic or synesthetic manner, Jessica's art can be viewed as simultaneous sound and light sensations, or tuning forks, for therapeutic activation, calibration and expansion of consciousness.
Moving between figurative and abstract expressions she works in various series of complex primordial patterns or flowy formations of nature, while drawing inspiration from a lifelong exploration of cross-culture myth, mysticism, psychology and diverse spiritual practices. Re-awakening “The Sacred” in our times, as well as touching on various existential themes, inner worlds and ethereal planes come alive with great sensitivity.
As a therapist and Shamanic facilitator Jessica composes Transformational Workshops, Sound Meditations and Drum Journey sessions for groups, as well as Healing, Soundhealing, Shamanic Healing and Therapy for individuals. In healing sessions she uses her hands, singingbowls, light language voice toning, various instruments and drums. She sees the whole process as a collaboration and co-creation of homeostasis, exploration and growth where the participant plays an active role. Her transformational workshops and process-work is adjusted to the occasion and client and includes a multi-modal art approach where movement, music, painting etc. intermingles with reflection, mindfulness and sharing. It can be geared towards therapeutic and recreational purposes, personal development, spiritual awakening or other needs. She is hired on a regular basis to work with the Swedish organisation for adult ‘children cancer survivors’, as well as The Swedish Museum of Modern Art where she, since 2018, has developed “Guided tours with Meditation”. The concept is inviting the participants to contemplative and phenomenal explorations of selected artworks, followed by a guided meditation session using singing bowls and voice. Most recently in the exhibition of Hilma Af Klints "Ten Largest" and with the exhibition “Who are you Really” by Danish artist Jeppe Hein.

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