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Part of the ongoing series 'Primordial Shapes/Primordial Patterns' where simplistic organic and geometrical forms sensitively overlaps; building a complex and multilayered visual. 

To sit (or move) with that which is at stake, until something arises within you, is an opportunity for integral growth that steadily holds against the confusion coming with external overload of information. Not to say that we doesn't from time to time also need guidance and data from other sources to complement and aid our own decision making. However if this is always our one and only way forward we might find ourselves lost on paths that were meant for others to walk.

About the series 'Primordial Patterns'
In a chromesthetic or synesthetic manner, sensations experienced in liminal states of awareness, embodies on a 2dimensional plane as archetypes of simultaneous sound and light or "tuning forks", for therapeutic activation, calibration and expansion of consciousness. 
Some references are made to author and scientist Masaru Emoto's findings that water crystals are connected to the human consciousness and are shaped by environment, thoughts and emotions. This builds on the notion of frequencies structured in sacred geometry or biogeometry as the building structure of all that is and the possibility for us to realign accordingly for a more harmonious state. The paintings can be viewed as visual renderings of cymatic patterns of vibrations that you usually produce in water or sand.
The viewer is invited to encounter his or her own experiences of (separated) Self and (unified) Universe.
Similar to yantra art from the Indian traditions.

What am I

Who am I

What is my Potential

What do I need to Face

What are my Resources

What needs to be Released

What is my Reward

What is Growing right now

How do I invite Grace

What is possible to Forgive

How do I Ground myself

How do I Move from here

How do I stay Open

What is Time

What are my Dreams

What is my Bliss

How do I honor the Feminine

How do I support the Masculine

What is Essential

What am I not Seeing

What is Soul

What is Spirit

What do I want to say No to

What do I want to say Yes to

How do I celebrate Success

How do I practice Peace

How do I care for my Body

What is Happiness

What is my Direction

What is my Wisdom

How do I bring Beauty to this world

What is Love

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