Exhibited and installed in a 200 year old white painted stable at Edsvik Konsthall in the exhibition Mirror Works 2015. Visitors where invited to sit face to face with the sculptures in contemplation and meditation.
References to mirror neurons, inward facing meetings with one self, third eye openings and auric fields.

A few other sculptures in the same series but from different exhibitions can also be found in this section.

Blue, Meeting, Sky, installed at Mirror Works - 2015

Solemn 2015

Blue - 2015

Majestic Mirror Neuron - 2015 

Meeting - 2015

Solemn, Sky, Majestic Mirror Neuron - 2015

Venus, Blue, Solemn - 2015

Venus - 2015

Rest in Me - 2016

Rest in Me - 2016

Star - 2013

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