St Pierre Church, Senlis, France 2019
In collaboration with the opera singer Karin Frölén singing hymns and songs by Hildegaard von Bingen in a medieval church that are no longer used for religious purposes. Moving, dancing, painting and tuning to the live music, the ritual embodied and evoked the element of wind as a strengthening and highlighting act to cherish and care for the air of our planet. 
The audience where invited to participate by receiving small and colorful leaves to blow into the airy vaults of the church as an opening of the act. The slow and meditative performance opened up a space for the viewers to let go of expectations and logical thinking to instead share an altered state of consciousness. 
Everything was filmed by the national tv of France and broadcasted as a short news clip on national news. The finished triptych was later exhibited in Gallerié Metanoia in central Paris.

Earth Act - Wind

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