(Primordial Shapes)

A variation of watercolour, acrylics, gold leaf and pencil on paper
Simplistic organic and geometrical forms sensitively overlaps; building a complex and multilayered visual in watercolour and pencil. 
Receiving light codes from a higher plane, the meditative slow-art process behind these artworks invites you into an altered state of consciousness. These paintings, with their energy, vibrations, light, colour and form... are “keys” or “tones” to archetypal healing of body, mind, spirit and soul. Like a tuning fork calibrating your being.
The viewer is invited to encounter his or her own experiences of (separated) Self and (unified) Universe.
Similar to yantra art from the Indian traditions.

Alycone -2020- 20x20 cm
Original Star -2020- 20x20 cm 
The Well - 2020- 30x30 cm
Hymn -2019- 30x30 cm
Moon -2019- 30x30 cm
Sun -2019- 30x30 cm
Cycle -2019- 30x30 cm
Circle -2019- 30x30 cm
Presence -2019- 20x20cm
She -2019- 20x20 cm
Vision -2019- 20x20 cm
Angel -2019- 20x20 cm
Choir -2019- 20x20 cm
Birthplace Stellar Home -2018- 50x50 cm
MotherShip -2016- 50x50 cm
I´m Gonna Hold You So Tight You Can Break Free -2016- 30x30 cm
Nordic Light -2015- 30x30 cm
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