Watercolour, pencil, acrylic and gold leaf on paper.

The Water Lily theme “Arrivals” stems from a multitude of meanings. To name a few perspectives; 
The nymphaea plants are some of the oldest plants on earth and can be found on several continents, they are collectively rooted in dark and yucky mud and are striving for light at the surface of the waters. The stems are both brittle and weak, yet they endure and are supported by the moving water that surrounds them. They sometimes tangle together and leaves overlap in dear or devastating meetings. Flowers bloom once in a while, some during daylight, others during night. In certain diverse cultures they symbolize hope and resilience through adversity as well as growth and enlightenment of character, spirit and soul. 

These qualities and circumstances serves as a powerful metaphor regarding our existential connection to our personal and collective history, our individual and cultural evolution and our longings and struggles....

The Waterlily as a Western/Nordic version of the Eastern lotus flower. A metaphor for a multilayered understanding of growth processes within soul, mind and spirit. Rooted in the dark and muddy depths, interconnected stems and leaves entangled by moving water. Sometimes a flower blooms. Either during the day, or during night. 
Sometimes it Hurts -2020- 80x120 cm
Sweet Voices -2019- 30x30 cm
    When I Felt My Own Mud -2018- 80x120 cm
Clear Waters -2019- 18x27 cm
Newborn Ancestors -2019- 18x27 cm
Strings of Empathy -2019- 18x27 cm
    Illumination -2018- 18x27 cm
Family -2012- 76x56 cm 
Silent Heart -2017- 56x70 cm
Gathering -2013- 76x56 cm
 Friends -2013- 30x30 cm  
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